General's Cedar Pointe Pencils

$12.00 USD

Rees specifically asked that we stock General’s No. 2/HB Cedar Pointe graphite pencils in our dry good shop. A few of us thought a pencil was a pencil, but Rees was right. There’s nothing else like these. Handcrafted from responsibly harvested genuine incense cedar wood from California, these pencils feel better in your hand and provide a darker and smoother line than you are likely accustomed to. The Cedar Pointe isn’t the entire reason Rees’ drawings are so haunting, but its part of it. 

Rees joins every duck, bear, and moose hunt he can. And if there’s room in the canoe, he’ll gladly join Gladys for a day of fishing. But he never brings a rod or a gun, just his notebook and a breast pocket of well-sharpened pencils. He spends his day sitting in the blind, walking quietly behind the stalkers, or watching the fly-casting from a rock on shore. He won’t open his notebook until the light is perfect, and even then, he usually only sketches for a few minutes before suddenly closing it again. 

Rees draws beautifully; with a few simple lines he can capture the delicate gleam of morning frost in a forest meadow, or the beauty of a fly-line arcing through the autumn air. And inevitably, every evening he neatly tears the drawing out of his notebook, methodically folds it into a perfect square, and drops it into the campfire. Sometimes, if his back is turned, Gladys will snatch the paper out of the flames. She carefully pins each of them to the back wall of the canoe shed. If the door is open when you walk past, you can occasionally see the caretaker Whitney, leaning on a paddle, staring at the scorched drawings, lost in thought.

The General Pencil Company has been owned and operated by the Weissenborn family since 1889. The founder, Edward Weissenborn, was a brilliant mechanical engineer who learned the art of pencil making in Germany. In 1854, he emigrated to America and, after assisting in the design of the Civil War battleship the USS Monitor, Edward set up the first pencil factory in America. Weissenborn quickly earned a reputation for producing America’s finest quality pencils. In fact, his were the explicit pencils of choice for President Lincoln's cabinet. Five generations later the family continues to handcraft pencils using sustained yield genuine California Incense Cedar wood and traditional quality formulas in the same Jersey City factory. Their commitment to quality and drive to create products that are the American-made choice for aspiring and world-renowned artists alike.


Each packages contains a dozen pencils.

Made in the USA

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