Duluth Canvas Utensil Role

$45.00 USD

This may be the most useful thing we sell at the lodge. Taggart proved this last summer. He has a 1920 candy apple red Indian Scout motorcycle and on this particular day he was heading south on US 39. There was a clunk when there shouldn’t have been. So he pulled over, and dug out his tool pouch. That’s when he discovered that the ½” wrench he needed was nowhere to be seen. It was next to the outboard motor he had been taking apart the day before. If Taggart had kept his wrenches in one of these Duluth Utensil Rolls, a quick glance would’ve told him the wrench was missing, and he wouldn’t have had to push the Indian back to Graeber’s Landing. In the rain.

This sturdy canvas utensil or tool role measures 24” x 17”. It can carry your kitchen gear (hang it from a tree branch or a cupboard door), your wrenches (tucked under the seat of your motorbike), or your art supplies (for a day of sketching). There are hundreds of uses for it, and even after ten years you will discover another way it makes your life better.

Duluth Pack has been making America’s best packs and wilderness kit since 1882. They are the oldest leather and canvas bag manufacturer in the USA, if not the world. Every thing they make is handcrafted inside their factory in Duluth Minnesota. They provide a lifetime guarantee for all of their products. (And if that still isn't good enough for you, we also have tools rolls in handcrafted leather.)


Color: Olive Drab

Dimensions: 24” x 17”


Made in the USA

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