Bird's Eye Maple Sagamore Paddle

$175.00 USD

This is Gladys' preferred paddle, being a rare combination of utterly beautiful and completely useful. The long design of the Sagamore is patterned after the shape preferred by 19th century voyageurs, which in turn was based on the paddle used by Native Americans. It slides into the water easily, pulls deep, and feels lovely in the hand.

The bird's eye maple is a remarkable form of wood. No one knows what causes this pattern to naturally form in the grain of a tree. There are folk tales that suggest it is caused by pecking birds, but science has disproved that theory as well as the idea that a fungus makes the swirl. Regardless, the magical pattern shifts in the light and gives the wood a unique and stunning quality. 

In short, this paddle is perfect for a long trip on your favourite river, or hanging from your wall. (We do both.)

Grey Owl Paddles was founded in 1975 by Brian Dorfman, an avid canoeist who could not find high quality, hand-made paddles on the market. Mass produced paddles were unreliable, ugly, and ignored many of the practical design elements adopted by the voyageurs and Native Americans, informed by thousands of years of canoeing. Grey Owl Paddle Company was established to make a production line, high quality, hand-made canoe paddle.

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