Marbles "Ideal Hunting Knife"

$950.00 USD

As a boy, Scott loved to explore his grandfather’s shop behind the cabin. It was filled with well used axes, ore samples, old paddles, oiled hunting rifles, and in the back, under a stack of worn maps, was a small wooden chest of knives. There was an army bayonet from the war, fileting knives, little pocketknives, and big machetes. And the finest among these, wrapped in a piece of tanned moose hide, was a Marbles Ideal Hunting knife.

Webster Marble began selling the Ideal Hunting Knife in 1899. It was one of the first commercial knives especially designed for the American hunter. It was made of excellent steel and used a wide fuller, or groove, in the blade to save weight. It was around for a long time, and heavily influenced what we think of when we imagine the “ideal” knife. Marbles stopped manufacturing the knife in the 1970s, and although it has been reintroduced – the modern version remains a pale imitation of the original.

We used to keep our dry goods shop well stocked with these knives, but they’re extremely hard to come by now. We found this one in the bottom of an old Duluth pack, tucked away and forgotten in the rafters of our canoe shop.

This knife appears to be at least a hundred years old. It is in excellent shape, with a sharp and well-polished blade and stamped with the “Marble” brand. The stag horn handle is made from two grooved pieces of selected stag antler that has been riveted together and driven on to the tang. The original leather belt sheath is in equally good condition. This may be the most beautiful example of a classic wilderness knife you could ever own.



Made in the USA

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