Hand-carved Redhead Duck Decoy

$500.00 USD

Not surprisingly, the attic here at the lodge is filled with old hunting decoys, but few are as unique or beautiful as this antique hand-carved wooden Redhead. 

The Redhead is a medium-sized diving duck. It is easily distinguished by the male’s copper colored head and bright blue bill during breeding season. To attract a mate, the male stretches out his neck and makes a catlike “wheee-oww” sound. In response, the female will emit a soft “errrr”. In the early autumn, on Camp Bay northwest of the lodge, you can frequently watch them swimming in pairs back where the creek falls into the lake.

Everyone at the lodge looks forward to duck season. Our hunters mostly bring home mallards, but occasionally someone will get a Redhead, which means we all get to enjoy Whitney’s secret recipe that uses the wild mint growing behind the lodge.

This is the only Redhead decoy we’ve ever found in the lodge attic, and we suspect it was custom made for one of those hunters who every autumn hoped they’d be lucky enough to bring one home.



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