Classic Huron Snowshoes

$250.00 USD

We don't get many guests at the lodge during the winter, except for Rees, who claims this is the best time of year. On clear mornings he'll take down his Huron Snowshoes, pull on a warm pair of wool pants, a thick sweater, and his cruiser jacket. Then, with a thermos of hot coffee and a couple sandwiches into his pack, Rees will head off over the thick snow, through the pine trees and up over the ridge behind the lodge. When he gets to Lynx lake he'll make himself a fire, sit back and settle in, hoping to catch a glimpse of the wolf pack that's been rumoured to run through there.

So far, he's only ever heard them, but that doesn't stop him from doing it again the next clear day, just to feel of the snowshoes on his feet and enjoy the trip to Lynx Lake and back.

Made by GV Snowshoes, the Huron snowshoe is a classic design whose origins can be trace to the Huron people of Canada. It was the model preferred by the first French settlers that came to New France in 1604, and by coureurs des bois and trappers during their winter travels.

These snowshoes are used for hiking, hunting and trapping in open forests and fields. Very quiet and easy to maneuver, the design provides great flotation in soft snow and streamlined tail helps maintain a straight trajectory. The frames are made from Appalachian White Ash and rawhide webbing. A high-quality varnish keeps the rawhide and frame in good condition - with proper care these should last you a lifetime.

Comes with traditional leather bindings.

Size / Weight Guide

  • 42” / 100 - 160lb 
  • 48” / 175lb+ 

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