Wildwood Wisdom

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It is hard to overstate how much Whitney knows about living, travelling, and hunting across the lakes, forests, and hills around Burnt Point Lodge. Even at his ancient age, we have never met anyone who can move as gracefully and quickly through the bush. He can set up a dry, warm, and comfortable camp in 10 minutes flat. And 10 minutes after the tent is up, he’ll have that fresh caught trout sizzling on the fire in a sauce of wild herbs the smell of which you will remember for the rest of your life.

Whitney claims a young Elsworth Jaeger once spent a year helping out on his Mistik Lake trap line, an arrangement that didn't last long because the boy wouldn’t stop pestering Whitney with questions about how to skin a buck to how to find north by looking at the moss.

In 1945 Jaeger published the beautifully illustrated “Wildwood Wisdom”. There’s no mention of Whitney in it, so we’re a little skeptical of his claims. Instead the book is dedicated to the spirit of “our ancestral buckskin men,” and to the native Americans who willingly taught the European newcomers the basic necessities of life and survival in this new land.

Jaeger spent many summers in the outdoors across the country. His book is filled with information on clothes and gear, making fires, and a wonderful section on shelters made with hand gathered materials. It is also a fascinating and well-explained account of life in America in the 1800s, when survival depended not only on coping with daily perils, but also on one’s ability to use wits as well as hands for survival.

We keep a copy of this beautifully illustrated book in every guest room at the lodge.


491 pages

5" x 8"

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