The Surprising History of the Duluth Pack

Posted on July 31 2018, by Nick Taggart

It feels like the tough and iconic canvas Duluth Pack has been around as long as canoes. But it was actually invented by a French Canadian cobbler named Camille Poirier from Montreal. In 1870, Poirier migrated from Montreal to Duluth Minnesota and set up shop in the booming frontier town. At that time, it was the “jumping off place” the last stop on the rail line before pioneers headed off into the bush.

Poirier began to supply the local woodsmen with a new style of canoe pack that came with a tumpline, sternum strap, and umbrella holder. He used his cobbler skills to sew tough, durable seams through extra thick canvas. He added a tump line to allow for hauling extra weight and padded shoulder straps for comfort. A sternum clasp and an umbrella holder finished his design. He dubbed it the "Duluth Pack"

These sturdy, practical and classic packs quickly became the standard against which all others were judged. Patented by Mr. Poirier in 1882, the “Duluth Packs” have changed little since then, and remain the best you can buy. Every thing they make is handcrafted inside their factory in Duluth Minnesota. They provide a lifetime guarantee for all of their products. And each sewer even initials the tag of the bag they made!


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