Cover the Modern World by Looking to the Past with Custom Silk Maps

Posted on February 22 2018, by Nick Taggart

Perhaps you remember stories of your grandfather or an older family friend using a silk escape map to evade enemy fighters in World War II. That same waterproof and highly resilient mapping solution is available today in the form of Burnt Point Lodge’s custom silk maps. With a focus on absolute readability in any weather conditions, these maps are designed for you to find your place in the world quickly, accurately, and with confidence. Here is a closer look at the magic of our custom silk maps!


Back in the 1940s, topographical maps were printed in detail on parachute silk. This technique was used to ensure that pilots, naval officers, and soldiers could pinpoint their position quickly, regardless of the weather conditions or water exposure. Pilots could stuff these maps in their flight suits without fear of tearing them. That way, if they happened to bail out over enemy territory, their maps could still guide them away from danger and into safety. This was also a helpful technique when it came to stealth, as the silk maps could be opened without worry of alerting enemies with the sound of ruffling paper. If spotted, the map can quickly be stuffed into a pocket or bag without fretting over carefully folding it up to protect against tearing or creasing.


We have carefully considered the approach taken with the design and implementation of original parachute silk maps during World War II, and our team has worked hard to bring back a tried-and-true innovation for the modern world… but why? In truth, we were inspired by the sheer convenience of simply pulling out a map, checking it, being able to read it clearly without signs of damage, and quickly stuffing it in your pocket, mittens, phone case – wherever – before setting off again. Our custom silk maps are even stronger than their antiquated counterparts, designed using a special silk and cotton blend to make them even more resistant to tearing, creasing, and damage. Tougher than paper and far more usable, these maps are perfect for everything from rugged mountain hiking to Caribbean cruises.


Our custom silk maps really shine when the team is lent your unique perspective on the world. Select detailed topographical, vintage, satellite or street map visualizations, scale to suit your needs or preferences, select the size of the map, and place your order. Within 5 business days, your order will arrive in the form of a highly detailed custom silk map bearing the area and format you chose. It can be used as everything from a traditional map to a bandana, scarf, bandage, signal flag, or even a table cloth! Without the need for batteries as well as incredible convenience, these maps are built by humans for truly human use.

They say that in order to revolutionize the future, you first must look to and respect the innovations of the past. Our custom silk maps are the end result of a team believing in this philosophy. They’re also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee – we’re positive that you will love your order as much as we love making it! Covering the modern world has never been more convenient, streamlined or easy than with a traditionally-inspired map that can take the worst you can throw at it without losing a single important detail. Create your own custom silk map today with us!


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