Escape & Evasion Maps

Posted on February 17 2016, by Nick Taggart

The map room at the lodge is pretty much my favourite place. Any time I spend in there turns up something new and interesting. Today it was a World War Two silk escape and evasion map. These were issued to pilots and soldiers to help them make their way safely home if they ever found themselves behind enemy lines. 

The genius of silk maps is their durability and versatility. Unlike paper, it won't tear or become water logged. You don't have to fold it carefully; you can just stuff it in a pocket. And when you do stuff it in a pocket, it takes up barely any space. 

And it's hard to imagine anything quite as versatile. In addition to being a map, it can be used as a handkerchief, a neck scarf, a tourniquet, a satchel, a table cloth, or to patch a tent or a packsack. 

This is why we are reintroducing the silk map here at the lodge. We can print you any map of anywhere in the United States and beyond. (And we keep extra copies of some of America's most beautiful places.) 


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