Introducing Skoki

Posted on January 19 2016, by Gladys Breckenridge

We’d like to introduce a new member of the Burnt Point team, Skoki. She’s a 12 week old Brittany. Scott adopted her over the holidays. The plan is to turn her into a proper gun dog who can point grouse when we paddle up the Pineroot on our annual hunting trip. So far, she can’t point, retrieve, heel, come, lay down, or stay. But she can sit. And she can leave surprises for us in the back hall by the kitchen. Whitney found one of these last night while trying to get himself a midnight snack. The resulting shout of surprise and anger could be heard as far away as Graeber’s Landing. But, baby steps, right? The lodge wasn’t built in a day, and we figure it’ll take a few years with Skoki, too.


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