The joys of a blanket roll

Posted on August 23 2018, by Dave Vail

Gladys travels light. When she takes a guest fly-fishing on the Pineroot River, she only brings the essentials: a couple of rods, tackle, creels, lunch in a Wanderer pack, and her favourite wool blanket with its leather carrier. In fact, Gladys brings her blanket carrier along when she is hiking, picking blue berries, tailgating at the football game, or sitting by the campfire wrapped up warm and watching the stars.

Gladys picked out this specific blanket and carrier for the lodge shop because of its solid construction and classic looks. The carrier is handmade in Oregon with the finest leather from Hermann Oak, a St. Louis, Missouri tannery. They have used the natural extracts of tree bark to tan their leather in the traditional method since 1881. The buckles and D-Rings are solid brass and it comes with the same lovely warm deep grey wool blanket we put on our guest beds when the autumn air starts to chill.

They're on sale right now, 20% off.  Treat yourself to the picnic you deserve. 


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