Zen and the art of a good tool roll

Posted on August 30 2018, by Scott Gilmore

One of the most compelling books I read when I was younger, was Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". I'll be honest, the philosophical debate which fills the book left me even more befuddled than usual. Nonetheless, I was consumed by the beautiful writing, and the captivating way the narrator describes working on his CB77 Super Hawk as he and his son make their way to California. And, oddly enough, as soon as I was done, I found myself a leather tool roll like his. 

I have it still, and it's almost identical to the one we use here at the lodge. It is easily one of the most useful things we sell. Rees uses it to carry his art supplies. Taggart keeps his tools in them. Gladys keeps useful fishing gear (and she hooks her lures to the flap) in hers. And Whitney wraps his rare set of pearl inlayed 19th century Burmese throwing knives in his roll. (We really have no idea why...)

The beauty of a tool roll is it has a place for everything and everything in its place. Wrenches won’t go missing and spatulas are in easy reach. There are so many ways this that can be done with this roll, you’ll never stop using it.

Handmade in Portland Oregon, this sturdy roll is made from heavy-duty ¾ oz suede. The draw cord is tough, and there are 6 tool slots. 


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